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Rounick Reviews, founded by David Rounick, is an innovative, always-positive, source of recommended restaurants within the Philadelphia region. Rounick Reviews’ selected best restaurants is based on real-world, true feedback from people that actually live in the area and have actually been to these restaurant locations.

The current state of restaurant reviews is based on too much inaccurate and negative content online in addition to being focused on mostly mainstream, franchised establishments. David Rounick, based out of Bryn Mawr, PA, wanted to have a purely positive, truly helpful website (and upcoming mobile app) that delivers genuine restaurant ratings and reviews based on actual experiences.

The result is Rounick Reviews’ quick “Best of Philly” recommended restaurant list for those people that want legitimate, positive places to frequent or try for the first time. Rounick Reviews is all about that seemingly unique approach: positive, simple reviews with core restaurant information along with quick and easy access to the “best restaurants” in the Philadelphia region. As always, we love feedback and our content is driven by public reviews along with our own personal experiences — so submit a restaurant now, and let us know what you think!



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Cut through the clutter and hear it from locals who dine out often and don’t want to waste their time at restuarants with weak or inconsistent food experiences.

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Rounick Reviews Keeps Up with the Philly Restaurant Scene with Hundreds of Top Picks, Updated Daily!

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