Betting on many restaurant reviews will only lead to complacency in your dining destinations.

What is a Restaurant Review?

A review is more than a stranger’s opinion of the food at some random establishment.  It’s a way to ensure your precious time isn’t wasted, your money isn’t thrown down the gutter, and the comfort of saving yourself from a miserable evening of poor service or an overpriced and overrated “famous soup-of-the-day” made from last week’s leftovers.

David Rounick, a resident of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, has made a commitment to help people find the best dining spots in the Philadelphia area. To better serve residents of the area, he is also offering constructive feedback to restaurant owners and managers in order to assist them in recognizing areas in need of improvement.  To this end, David Rounick is betting on his new venture, dubbed Rounick Reviews (, to help uncover and improve the dining scene in the Delaware Valley and beyond.

We all live busy lives, and we all deal with these pesky things called budgets.  It’s probably fair to say that you, dear reader, are much like so many other people out there – short on the time needed to go out and enjoy a meal.  One great way to protect your money and time is to find a restaurant reviewer that you can trust; To even have one bad experience when it could have been avoided is simply unacceptable.

David Rounick is an experienced restaurant reviewer and critic, and he is offering some insight into what makes a good review versus a poor one.  He emphasizes that any critic needs to focus on his or her experience at a given establishment from the point of view of his constituents, then relating to them in a way that’s nuanced and understandable.  Beyond the cut and dry beats of a review lies the art of interesting and informative storytelling.

Rounick’s approach to a quality review…

The task of reviewing a restaurant – or a food item – is subjective, making a standardized way of approaching the process impossible, right? Wrong! Despite differences in tastes and expectations, there are customary ways that we have come to expect to be treated at establishments worthy of being considered “the best.” Additionally, it is necessary to consider that the quality of food being prepared and presented correlates to the amount of money being spent, thus satisfying the expectations a diner has sitting down for a meal.  Although there’s certainly some truth to the old adage “you get what you pay for,” there’s more to the story that comes into play.  David explains that he has three key rules that he focuses on when reviewing a restaurant:

  • Set up the scene for the reader in a way they can relate to, so it comes to life. This includes ambiance, presentation, menu offerings, and interactions with the staff. Secondary elements that are also important (yet often missed) are location, traffic, parking, etc. 
  • Never write a review after only one dining experience; Always make a point to mention any improvements that should be made to the manager or owner, and then follow up to see if anything was actually done to improve the dining experience once those responsible for such decisions was made aware of a problem. 
  • Always try a variety of menu items to get a better idea of the expertise (or lack thereof) of the chef.

Why should you care about the quality of a review?

For every bad experience someone has, it’s fair to say that if they had information beforehand indicating something less than fantastic might occur that evening, they would likely pay to avoid it.  If you have taken the time and invested in looking into a given restaurant you’re considering for the first time (other than peeking at the typical Yelp or TripAdvisor ratings), find a relatable and reliable review before you close your eyes and courageously venture out in hopes of stumbling across a memorable dining experience.  It just may turn your “what-could-have-been waste” into a night of exquisite taste!

Rounick Reviews is a private endeavor by Mr. David Rounick, of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.  Rounick Reviews’ mission is to seek out and recommend only the best dining destinations in the area and let people know what’s going on, what’s hot and what’s on its way out.  Rounick Reviews, founded by David Rounick, is a Philadelphia-based regional restaurant review source based on real-world, true feedback from people that actually live in the Philadelphia area and have actually been to these restaurants. Given his entrepreneurial spirit and frustration with seeing way too much inaccurate and negative content online, David Rounick wanted to have a purely positive, helpful website that delivers true restaurant reviews and quick “Best of Philly” restaurant lists to those people either living or visiting.  Rounick Reviews is all about that – positive, simple reviews with core restaurant information along with quick and easily accessible lists of the “best restaurants” in the Philadelphia region. As always, we welcome feedback and this content is driven by people just like you -– so submit a restaurant now by visiting

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