Gus Isgro, whose family founded Isgro’s Fine Pastries, 1009 Christian St.,
over 100 years ago, has been In the business all his life. He, too, has
seen how tastes have changed within the past 10 years’“Our all-butter pound
cake is still number one and Italian cream is big, but we also have orders
for customized cakes,” he says. “We do all kinds of decorations,
from traditional to Victorian.”But taste is as important as beauty, notes Isgro.
“We make a rich chocolate cake filled with ganache and European raspberry
jam and frosted with a light butter cream. Another unusual cake is a
hazelnut genoise, which is light and airy and filled with hazelnut
butter cream, with or without apricot.Isgro explains his butter
cream is light and not airy, and is similar to rolled fondant.
His staff can make bows and ribbons – anything the customer wants.
Some of his customers want a wedding cake trimmed with fresh flowers or fruit.
“The most important factors are the cake’s attractiveness and the taste,”
he says. “We’ve made a hazelnut cake with almond frangipani,
which is whipped light and filled with raspberry and apricot jam.”
For the chocolate lover, Isgro describes a wedding cake that
fills the bill for taste and decoration.“It’s a chocolate cake with chocolate
mousse and layered with bananas and strawberries and covered with butter cream.
It makes quite an impact the moment it is cut.”

Isgro Pasticceria
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  • Isgro Pasticceria
  • (215) 923-3092
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    • Mon - Sat 8:00am - 6:00pm
    • Sun - 8:00am - 4:00pm
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  • 1009 Christian St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA


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