Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks

Philly is well known for our country’s independence, home of our country’s early capital, and the place where the big guys signed the Declaration of Independence, but even that gets stale to us locals over time (how many times can you visit the Liberty Bell without ever being able to touch it or ring it, damn it!).  One local element that stands true to our name and always will to us locals, is the Philly Cheesesteak. How often do you visit another city (or even hit Harrisburg, Hershey, Pittsburgh, etc.) and see the term, “Philly Cheesesteak” on a restaurant menu.  We don’t call them “Philly Cheesesteaks” on our menus so that’s a dead give-away immediately that the meal will be a “miss” compared to the real thing.  Philadelphia’s cheesesteaks are a culinary institution.  But getting hearing the truth from Philly long-time locals is a whole different story compared to all the fake reviews (dare I say, “fake news”) that take place touting late-night favorites (while most patrons are typically half-cocked (at a minimum) when they dig into the fatty, weak-ass products from some of the most famous of those in the city).  Mark Zuckerberg hit Pat’s recently so what’s all too funny about that, is how he missed the top choice as ranked by locals in the know (including myself, David Rounick and friends where I took an informal poll), that of the long-time institutions, Jim’s Steaks on 4th & South is no doubt, the best cheesesteak in the city.

I find it amazing that most reviews consider the two most popular spots as “the leaders” by default — those being Pat’s and Geno’s in South Philly — when in fact, those are two of the weakest cheesesteaks I have ever eaten.  The problem with both spots is obvious to me as well as everyone I know — is the meat.  Too much fat and dare I say, low on the quality scale.  In terms of a cheesesteak experience, they are both high on the list of something that’s a blast to try as long as it’s after 2am and you’ve partied the night away.  But for anyone that wants a place to go more than once (and when sober), it’s best to heed some advice and get the goods on what a truly phenomenal cheesesteak is in Philadelphia as well as the surrounding region.

First and foremost, there’s only one cheesesteak spot in the city that is head and shoulders above all the rest — only one — and that’s Jim’s Steaks on 4th & South.

Here are a few other top places to try one:

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